Wise Wound – Diary page

I juxtaposed the previous portrait with a mixed media image of a stitched wound shimmering with gold. This represents that which is hidden and disowned by the masked dancer but is always following closely behind and ever-present. The gold points to the treasure that can be found in gently and respectfully with golden scissors opening the wound in safe space and exploring that which has been hidden and is ready to be seen. It’s important to be able to contain and stitch the wound back together again so these energies don’t bleed all over the place and hamper healing for scar wisdom to happen. There is connectivity we all share in the acceptance of the blood and guts of life.  Scars can be beautiful; it’s all about your attitude. The chalk pastel summer sky blue of Australia is a call to be playful and grateful even when nothing appears to be working or happening. My wound also has a symbolic backdrop of sheet music that represents my belief in the power of art to heal.