Treasure Hunting

I was looking for a white dress to represent stated the unformed planet/blank canvas to attach the matter/ideas from the first part of this assignment process (Hinz, 2009, p.3).  The blank dress will have a gravitational pull, to bring clarity in exposing the patterns and big picture to address “Why I am studying Art Therapy?”  I had to calm my anxiety that is often felt when looking for a blank canvas and I also had limited time and could only visit one op shop to find my dress/muse. Opening myself up to the concept, that whatever appeared in all the other people’s junk, would be perfect for the start of this second stage of the process. Feen-Calligan (1995) stated “giving up notions of how images should look and instead allow the healing images to come from within.” This is my intent throughout this process and letting the installation appear naturally rather than trying to fulfil some ideal. I know this will not always be easy for my artist’s identity.  To my joy, two things appeared at the op shop: a wedding dress with train and nine hard-covered old books in the free box about ancient civilisations.  These read like a poem to me about myself.  I am blind feeling my way through a door into somewhere unknown and hidden.  Knill (2004) found that “Imagination is not totally controllable: it is predictable only in its unpredictability.” (p. 84)