In this charcoal and oil painting, I was exploring the “myself” concept spiral and the snail became my personal metaphor for exploring this idea.
The eye in the centre of the shell represents my dominant “I” and the lens that it casts upon everything and how I see “Me” projected on everything I see. With the clear awareness of my self-distorting lens, I can move over rough ground smoothly.  The hands-on the snail’s head represents the importance of slowing down and getting in touch with myself.  This allows me to integrate parts of myself that are triggered and enables me to be present with myself and whoever I meet with unconditional positive regard. The flying ladybug is the free-flying ability of compassion and knowledge that people often are not aware that they judge themselves and others by their best selves, not their total self.
 “How a person views himself has a profound effect socially, psychological and biologically.” (Cain & Seeman, 2002, p. 475)