Love is a Frenzy, The Sweet Surrender & In the shade of Palms

Posted on October 16, 2014

The Museum of Love boxes started when my mum was giving away her Mills & Boons collection that in my childhood her and all the farmers’ wives in the area read and traded with each other.
So one day I was helping her pack them in boxes and started laughing at the titles and paintings on them and I knew at that moment I had to make an art work using them. Next I started putting them in shadow boxes which reminded me of Museum display cases along with ephemera from pass relationships and taking sections of text from the pages to juxtapose against each other creating an open-ended story. Making these was a great way to be creative during the breastfeeding days. In the end I made 53 of these boxes and you can really see the Dadaist influence in these works.