Lets talk cardboard!!

Posted on October 13, 2017

Lorelee Gobetti - The Pantry Collection
The Pantry

These works are made on a ground of reappropriated cardboard we discard in our daily food rituals and held together with glue. I like to group them under the title of “The Pantry”. As a mother my pantry is the heart of the kitchen where sustenance’s can be found. These works are very much a starting place for ideas that I am chewing over for art food. I don’t feel precious about the cardboard grounds like I can when using expensive paper. I have the freedom to play and layer to my hearts content. My studies for the Renovator and Director started with a cardboard works as I felt my way around the subject matter. I have some of my hero’s and general everyday occurrences being expressed in the pantry. Like coffee with friends and what to make or buy for a family members birthday cake. The every parents nagging thought of “ What’s for dinner”, then there are the “Grief cases” that express the death of things and beings in my life. The largest work “My mother’s apron”, resides over these creations providing nourishment from the past as the food basics of every creative persons inner pantry.