Egyptian Dancing Priestess – Art Therapy Process series.

This year I have started a post-graduate course in Creative Arts Therapy and Counselling. This course requires a lot of self – reflection because, in order to work with others, one needs to know one’s self. I began the process of self-exploration to investigate why and how I’ve ended up in this art therapy course with a spontaneous self-portrait that draws from my past. At the age of eight, I stumbled across a book of “Tutankhamun’s Treasures” and my love of art and metaphor began. I carried this book around for months reading about the strange rituals and practices of the Ancient Egyptians. I drew, chanted and dressed up in an isolated arid landscape on the family farm in Marvel Loch, at the edge of the Wheatbelt. My dance with creativity became my friend and confidant. I was alone but not lonely from that time forth. I can see the strong influence of Ancient Egyptian Art forms and themes in my work.