Beautiful Brain

Abby Fitzgerald and Lorelee Gobetti collaborationBeautiful Brain13731573_521899167998087_8986809746730950429_n
I have just finished my part in this painting which is a collaboration with Abby Fitzgerald who I have the pleasure of teaching art. Abby is an amazing 7 year old who has had brain cancer and is dealing with the post trauma of this ordeal. Abby will be painting the flowers in the cups in the bottom left corner and has verbally instructed me in shapes and subject matter. This painting is Lucky Patcher Apk File to be actioned to raise money at “The Brain Child Ball” to fund research towards improving the treatment of this cancer that is the number one killer of cancer in children.

Frida & Diego, Art Gallery of NSW

Frida Show Sydney 2016
Just about every art chick’s rite of passage is to discover Frida Kahlo’s blood and guts personal paintings. Then there is Kahlo herself with her unapologetic brilliant explosive style and strength of character in the face of chronic pain from a bus accident in her youth and her tumultuous relationship with her husband Diego Rivera. Kahlo and Rivera were both painters and revolutionaries living beautiful but difficult lives.

Venus and Anchises

Venus and Anchises
Sometimes in my diary I love to scratch around like one of my chickens. x

Breaking Free From The Hooks Of The Past

Breaking free from the hooks of the past
This is the latest painting from my series called “Ponderings of a Paleolithic Princess”.

Cake Mix

Cake Mix
This one is for all the Mums and Dads baking on a Sunday for the weeks lunch boxes.

Memory of a Kangaroo Spirited X Boyfriend

Memory of a Kangaroo Spirited X Boyfriend
This image is from a collection of works called “The Pantry”. They are made from the cardboard packaging that comes into the kitchen. There is also a connection to the subject matter feeding on the random thoughts and memories that drift through the mind, while attending to the everyday activities that nurture those I love.

Aphrodite (Beauty Contest)

AphroditeAphrodite 1
The Greek Goddess of Love.
Who will Paris pick?
Power or Love!!!

Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie

Was listening to the continuing horrible situation in the Philippines and it has made me want to post a picture of this sculpture I made called “Bad Birdie”. I found this Imelda Marcos doll the wife of a corrupt X-President of the Philippines and politician herself, who is best known for her shoes and signature sleeves.

Window Dust

Window Dust

I’m loving juxtaposing these little art elemental paintings with historical art postcards I’ve collected through the years.

Winter Plant Spirit

Winter Plant Spirit

This is a quick response to the colder weather creeping into the studio. The photo even has a few little rain drops on it.

Aussie Boy with Possum

Aussie boy with Possum
Just finished this painting with its possum in camo mode. I have often been interested in what makes a painting or a person Australian.

Hera (The Beauty Contest)

HeraHera (Beauty Contest)Gouldian Finch

Finally I have finished the triptych called “The Beauty Contest”. The colours are inspired by the rare Australian Gouldian finches (Picture Included) and these three paintings all are dominated by the colour pink. The colour pink can be suffocating or seductive I discovered during making these paintings. This painting’s name is “Hera”. Taken from the great Greek Myth about a Beauty Contest involving the Trojan Prince Paris a handsome young ladies man. Zeus commanded Paris due to his experience with woman to settle a quarrel between three powerful Goddesses of different merits. Hera was one of the Goddesses and the Queen of worldly power.

Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day

Whatever surrounds me finds its way into my artwork. I wish the flowers came everyday to fill my home and hair.

Fat Fabric

Fat Fabric

I love making these small abstracts from leftover paint from larger works.

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth
Ran a Soft Pastels class last night and did this quick drawing. I had forgotten how fantastic this medium was with its bright matt colours. Ohhh I’m inspired to start a 28 day drawing challenge with pastels. Maybe with famous literary figures as the inspiration. Let me know who are your favourites. x

Study 2 – Resurrection

Resurrection Study 2
This is one of two small studies exploring the theme of Resurrection.

Here comes the Monkey

Here comes the Monkey
The goat is gone and here comes the monkey.
Enjoy your monkey brain business and go bananas.x

Eating Light

I’ve spent my whole life looking and looking needs light. x


Hades was the Greek God of the underworld and the name eventually came to also describe the home of the dead as well.
The forks represent death as food for the living to digest. The big key represented us all having entry to death’s world.

Hotel Womb

Home Womb

Its here the last day of another year of dark and light.
Sending out lots of love, hope and peacefulness across the world.
Happy holidays and a wonderful New year full of laughter. xxx

On my towel at the beach

Reading at the beach

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas full of peaceful joys with those you love. xx

Cape Arid National Park

Cape Arid National Park
I did this little 1 hour drawing today in response to the plight of the Western Ground Parrot whose population was down to 140 before the bushfire in its main habitat the Cape Arid National Park near Esperance in Western Australia last month. I hope this fabulous small ground – dwelling bird makes a come back.
Healing and love to everyone affected by the bush-fires. Xxx

Ceres 1 & 2

Ceres 1Ceres 2
Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility, Roman marriages, funeral rites, and motherly relationships. These photos and the paper image in the background were a part of my contemplation of death. I worked in layers on the painting allowing it to crinkle and strain with the weight of the paint and the passionate energy of my marks. I started it after finding out that a childhood friend had very little time to live. I let this work bare the strain of this news and my deep empathy for her leaving her little boy and husband, friends and family.

Naomi and the Swan Study

Naomi and the Swam Study
This is one of the quick thinking drawings for Naomi and the Swan. This was the most steamy of the studies.

Thank you

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.33.44 AM

A big thank you to my amazing friend Michelle for making me a part of her fabulous event which gets better every year.
I felt so supported as an artist and it means a lot to share my work.
So a big thank you also to all that attended. xxx

Listen to the birds singing

Listen to the birds singing
In the last few years I have been planting native plants and trees to bring the birds into the garden and to make places for them to hide in this urban landscape. My Grandmother died 6 years ago and she adored native birds. This inspired me to randomly create abstract compositions in a painting suite called ‘Abstract Ornithology’. It has native birds as my inspiration for colour choices infused with my love for my beautiful Grandmother. This year the theme has spread into my figurative subject matter and I appear to have gone birdy!!

Naomi and the Swan

Naomi and the Swan

Here is another of my ‘Aussie Birds’ that I have a lot of fun painting. The introduced species co-habitating with the native fauna is the underlying concept. I’m using the women in my life as my muses.
Big thanks to my lovely muse Nomes. xx


Creative Rebels: Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki is known for writing what is considered to be the world’s first novel, ‘The tale of Genji’, written in the 11th century. Lady Murasaki is a character in that novel. Murasaki was not her actual name as it was considered impolite to use people’s names at that time and this adds to her mystery. The author was a member of the Japanese high court where she was an attendant of Empress Akiko. Murasaki also left a diary of her time in the Japanese court. Her writings are an amazing insight into her time and the birth of the novel genre. I am always fascinated to travel through time by reading and experiencing life through the arts.

Milly’s Kookaburras

Milly's Kookaburras
This is one of my “Aussie Birds” which are aerosol paint fun. I think that the Vladimir Tretchikoff print I lived with in my twenties and thirties has influenced this series greatly.

The Diamond Fire Tail

The Diamond Fire Tail
Another painting from the Abstract Ornithology suite.

Cloudy Mind

Cloudy Mind.jpg
The pleasure of building up layers of texture.

Rick Directing Study

Rick the Director Study.jpg

Congratulations to the finalists in this year’s Black Swan Portrait Prize. My entry wasn’t chosen this year but I think I have more paint to put on this year’s portrait to get it rocking and then offer it up again somewhere else. Rejection is a big part of any artist’s life and is but a prickle in my foot. This cardboard is a thinking study for this year’s portrait and was half-done in the rehearsal rooms and then in my studio for more playing and pondering.

This is not the painting just a thinking study.