Wester King Parrot

2017-11-17 10.54.14
The dense creamy colours have me lounging in my 70’s sunken lounge listening to Donna Summers in my synthetic cocktail dress or in a folk-moment dancing barefoot to Linda Perhacs in a cotton mini. xx

Lets talk cardboard!!

Lorelee Gobetti - The Pantry Collection
The Pantry

These works are made on a ground of reappropriated cardboard we discard in our daily food rituals and held together with glue. I like to group them under the title of “The Pantry”. As a mother my pantry is the heart of the kitchen where sustenance’s can be found. These works are very much a starting place for ideas that I am chewing over for art food. I don’t feel precious about the cardboard grounds like I can when using expensive paper. I have the freedom to play and layer to my hearts content. My studies for the Renovator and Director started with a cardboard works as I felt my way around the subject matter. I have some of my hero’s and general everyday occurrences being expressed in the pantry. Like coffee with friends and what to make or buy for a family members birthday cake. The every parents nagging thought of “ What’s for dinner”, then there are the “Grief cases” that express the death of things and beings in my life. The largest work “My mother’s apron”, resides over these creations providing nourishment from the past as the food basics of every creative persons inner pantry.

Back in the studio and having a play.

I love it when the weeks play makes me excited about making more next week. X
I love it when the weeks play makes me excited about making more next week. xx

Feisty Finch

The Feisty Finch has become an Australian Spring Goddess. xx

Pearfect Pantry Paint Job

Pearfect Pantry Paint job 2017

This was a fun job with a limited time restraint. I due inspiration from the buildings around the cafe and the colours that where already there, which took me straight to medieval stained glass and Gauguin’s power popping black outlines.

Illusionary Self – Take 2

I continue to peel back the layers on the illusionary self.
I will let the paint dry and explore more.xx

Study for “City of Light”

City of Light
This is a quick small oil sketch that became the prototype for a larger painting I finished at the end of last year. It was inspired from the view that I have of our city from the community of South Perth where I live and the idea of resurrection and healing for us all who live in Perth.
I also remember as a child coming to Perth at night from the country and the wonder and exhilaration I felt when I would first see the city lights from Greenmount Hill in Mundaring. One time my parents told my brother and I about the first astronauts returning to earth needing the people of Perth to turn on all their lights to help them navigate their way back home and they named us their city of light.

Danae & Zeus

Danae & Zeus
This illustration has been influenced by two loves of mine. (Comic illustrations and Mythological stories.) These were my obsessions as a child and inspired me to start drawing and dreaming. The story is from Greece and is about Danae who was imprisoned in a bronze tower by her father because he feared a prophecy that he would be killed by his grandson. Yet, even hidden away in her tower, she was still accessible to the god Zeus who came to her as a shower of gold.

Afternoon Felicity

Botticelli-Venus_and_MarsA little death in the afternoon
This illustration was inspired by Botticelli the Pop Art painter of the 1500’s painting “Venus and Mars”. Here Mars is displaying what the French call (La petite mort – the sensation of orgasm as likened to death.) There is also a influence of simplification and stylisation that touches on the formal approach of the Art Deco movement.

This is a commissioned work for a newly married couple.xxx

Kiss Crazy – In progress


I really love the point when an image is appearing yet falling apart. This reminds me of those moments in life when you feel formless and eternal such as when you kiss someone you adore.

Love to all who have lost an angel.

I found myself in the studio doing this drawing just before going to the funeral of 9 year old Tyreez Mundroina who has been at school with my son since kindy. I cannot grasp the pain that his family are going through at losing such a beautiful and vibrant son.x

Hiding in the Garden eating herbs.

This painting is for my son’s principal who is leaving after six years. In that time she created an amazing nature play land that kids love. This is my boy in year 1 when he spent playtime h hiding in the garden eating herbs. xxThis_painting_is_for_my_son_s_principal_who_is_leaving_after_6_years.__In_that_time_she_created_an_amazing_nature_play_land_that_the_kids_love._This_is_my_boy_in_year_1_when_he_spent_playtime_hiding_in_the_garden_eating_the_herbs._Xx

Teachers Apples

I have made this apple paintings as presents for my childrens teachers to say thanks
Apples became associated with teachers due to poor families in Denmark and Sweden giving teachers baskets of apples and produce in payment for lessons.

What to do, Potoroo!

What to do, Potoroo!

This is the post-apocalyptic scene of Cape Arid National Park and four of its critically endangered animals: The Western Ground Parrot, a fire-charred Gilbert’s Potoroo, the Mallee Emu-Wren, a wonderful little golden character, and the New Holland Mouse. The Cape Arid National Park is located 125 kilometres east of Esperance and encompasses 280,000 hectares of native vegetation.

Abby in the studio this week.

Abby in the Studio Nov 16
Abby went on a family holiday to Kangaroo Island and came back inspired by the incredible rock formations.

Singing in the Sunshine – Before and After

Yellow Red Headed Gouldian FinchSinging in the sunshine
I have just completed the partner painting of a mated pair of Gouldian finches. This is the male finch with the beautiful voice who is envied by his mate.

Diarist Daisy

Getting back into using a diary and enjoying the play. Also loving Walter Sickert’s quote on this beautiful morning: “Taste is the death of a painter”. Yes, just let it out. x

Illusory Nature

Illusory Nature
I never cease to have wonder at the self-portraits’ ability to bring into focus the illusory concept of the self. Who am I and what am I really doing?

Lorelee la la

Studio wall: Works in various stages. x

Loving my new safety gear.

So excited… No more paint in my eyes, airways or skin.

Time Hopping Away

Life is rich and it sure goes quick.
This painting was inspired by the fragility of our lives and a call to hop into gratitude for what you have before it’s all over. Love, laugh and be kind. x

Gouldian Hen Dreams of Singing – Before and After

Yellow Orange headed Gouldian FinchGouldian Hen

Only the male Gouldain finches can sing – the females get left with screeching noises. There’s a sexist joke in this… I know! I’ve also included an early photo of this painting to show its progression.

Coffee Conversation with Cake

Coffee Conversation with Cake - Lorelee Gobetti
I am exploring the everyday urban ritual of catching up for a coffee and connecting with each other in our local cafes. The marks, colours, and shapes all express the poetry glue in these everyday conversations. The living art of conversation and sharing makes the ordinary extraordinary and keeps us connected with each other as we each walk our own story in life

The ground or surface material is made from the cardboard boxes, bags and packaging we discard in our daily food rituals and is held together with glue.

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung
Playing with cardboard and paint.
Feeling happy due to sunny patches. x


When Richard and I found out we were having our first child we started reading the adventures of Odysseus to the little person growing in my tummy. This lead to the creating of a birth painting. I would just wander around until a object wanted to be on the canvas and gave the process as little thought as possible. The painting was just as mysterious to me as to everybody else.
Happy Fathers Day!

Spray Paint Studies

Spray Paint Studies
There are only 40 Western Ground Parrots left in Western Australia. I’ve started playing with idea’s about this wonderful bird. x