Wester King Parrot

2017-11-17 10.54.14
The dense creamy colours have me lounging in my 70’s sunken lounge listening to Donna Summers in my synthetic cocktail dress or in a folk-moment dancing barefoot to Linda Perhacs in a cotton mini. xx

Lets talk cardboard!!

Lorelee Gobetti - The Pantry Collection
The Pantry

These works are made on a ground of reappropriated cardboard we discard in our daily food rituals and held together with glue. I like to group them under the title of “The Pantry”. As a mother my pantry is the heart of the kitchen where sustenance’s can be found. These works are very much a starting place for ideas that I am chewing over for art food. I don’t feel precious about the cardboard grounds like I can when using expensive paper. I have the freedom to play and layer to my hearts content. My studies for the Renovator and Director started with a cardboard works as I felt my way around the subject matter. I have some of my hero’s and general everyday occurrences being expressed in the pantry. Like coffee with friends and what to make or buy for a family members birthday cake. The every parents nagging thought of “ What’s for dinner”, then there are the “Grief cases” that express the death of things and beings in my life. The largest work “My mother’s apron”, resides over these creations providing nourishment from the past as the food basics of every creative persons inner pantry.

Back in the studio and having a play.

I love it when the weeks play makes me excited about making more next week. X
I love it when the weeks play makes me excited about making more next week. xx

Feisty Finch

The Feisty Finch has become an Australian Spring Goddess. xx

Pearfect Pantry Paint Job

Pearfect Pantry Paint job 2017

This was a fun job with a limited time restraint. I due inspiration from the buildings around the cafe and the colours that where already there, which took me straight to medieval stained glass and Gauguin’s power popping black outlines.

Illusionary Self – Take 2

I continue to peel back the layers on the illusionary self.
I will let the paint dry and explore more.xx

Study for “City of Light”

City of Light
This is a quick small oil sketch that became the prototype for a larger painting I finished at the end of last year. It was inspired from the view that I have of our city from the community of South Perth where I live and the idea of resurrection and healing for us all who live in Perth.
I also remember as a child coming to Perth at night from the country and the wonder and exhilaration I felt when I would first see the city lights from Greenmount Hill in Mundaring. One time my parents told my brother and I about the first astronauts returning to earth needing the people of Perth to turn on all their lights to help them navigate their way back home and they named us their city of light.

Danae & Zeus

Danae & Zeus
This illustration has been influenced by two loves of mine. (Comic illustrations and Mythological stories.) These were my obsessions as a child and inspired me to start drawing and dreaming. The story is from Greece and is about Danae who was imprisoned in a bronze tower by her father because he feared a prophecy that he would be killed by his grandson. Yet, even hidden away in her tower, she was still accessible to the god Zeus who came to her as a shower of gold.

Afternoon Felicity

Botticelli-Venus_and_MarsA little death in the afternoon
This illustration was inspired by Botticelli the Pop Art painter of the 1500’s painting “Venus and Mars”. Here Mars is displaying what the French call (La petite mort – the sensation of orgasm as likened to death.) There is also a influence of simplification and stylisation that touches on the formal approach of the Art Deco movement.

This is a commissioned work for a newly married couple.xxx

Kiss Crazy – In progress


I really love the point when an image is appearing yet falling apart. This reminds me of those moments in life when you feel formless and eternal such as when you kiss someone you adore.

Love to all who have lost an angel.

I found myself in the studio doing this drawing just before going to the funeral of 9 year old Tyreez Mundroina who has been at school with my son since kindy. I cannot grasp the pain that his family are going through at losing such a beautiful and vibrant son.x

Hiding in the Garden eating herbs.

This painting is for my son’s principal who is leaving after six years. In that time she created an amazing nature play land that kids love. This is my boy in year 1 when he spent playtime h hiding in the garden eating herbs. xxThis_painting_is_for_my_son_s_principal_who_is_leaving_after_6_years.__In_that_time_she_created_an_amazing_nature_play_land_that_the_kids_love._This_is_my_boy_in_year_1_when_he_spent_playtime_hiding_in_the_garden_eating_the_herbs._Xx

Teachers Apples

I have made this apple paintings as presents for my childrens teachers to say thanks
Apples became associated with teachers due to poor families in Denmark and Sweden giving teachers baskets of apples and produce in payment for lessons.

What to do, Potoroo!

What to do, Potoroo!

This is the post-apocalyptic scene of Cape Arid National Park and four of its critically endangered animals: The Western Ground Parrot, a fire-charred Gilbert’s Potoroo, the Mallee Emu-Wren, a wonderful little golden character, and the New Holland Mouse. The Cape Arid National Park is located 125 kilometres east of Esperance and encompasses 280,000 hectares of native vegetation.

Abby in the studio this week.

Abby in the Studio Nov 16
Abby went on a family holiday to Kangaroo Island and came back inspired by the incredible rock formations.

Singing in the Sunshine – Before and After

Yellow Red Headed Gouldian FinchSinging in the sunshine
I have just completed the partner painting of a mated pair of Gouldian finches. This is the male finch with the beautiful voice who is envied by his mate.

Diarist Daisy

Getting back into using a diary and enjoying the play. Also loving Walter Sickert’s quote on this beautiful morning: “Taste is the death of a painter”. Yes, just let it out. x

Illusory Nature

Illusory Nature
I never cease to have wonder at the self-portraits’ ability to bring into focus the illusory concept of the self. Who am I and what am I really doing?

Lorelee la la

Studio wall: Works in various stages. x

Loving my new safety gear.

So excited… No more paint in my eyes, airways or skin.

Time Hopping Away

Life is rich and it sure goes quick.
This painting was inspired by the fragility of our lives and a call to hop into gratitude for what you have before it’s all over. Love, laugh and be kind. x

Gouldian Hen Dreams of Singing – Before and After

Yellow Orange headed Gouldian FinchGouldian Hen

Only the male Gouldain finches can sing – the females get left with screeching noises. There’s a sexist joke in this… I know! I’ve also included an early photo of this painting to show its progression.

Coffee Conversation with Cake

Coffee Conversation with Cake - Lorelee Gobetti
I am exploring the everyday urban ritual of catching up for a coffee and connecting with each other in our local cafes. The marks, colours, and shapes all express the poetry glue in these everyday conversations. The living art of conversation and sharing makes the ordinary extraordinary and keeps us connected with each other as we each walk our own story in life

The ground or surface material is made from the cardboard boxes, bags and packaging we discard in our daily food rituals and is held together with glue.

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung
Playing with cardboard and paint.
Feeling happy due to sunny patches. x


When Richard and I found out we were having our first child we started reading the adventures of Odysseus to the little person growing in my tummy. This lead to the creating of a birth painting. I would just wander around until a object wanted to be on the canvas and gave the process as little thought as possible. The painting was just as mysterious to me as to everybody else.
Happy Fathers Day!

Spray Paint Studies

Spray Paint Studies
There are only 40 Western Ground Parrots left in Western Australia. I’ve started playing with idea’s about this wonderful bird. x

Purple Bush Walk

Purple Bush Walk

This recycled cardboard was made after an amazing bush walk in the Sepentine National Park.

Bush Rhetoric

Bush Rhetoric Fg.1Bush Rhetoric Fg.2Bush Rhetoric

The subject matter in this painting is deeply important to me. I grew up on a farm in the Yilgarn and have always been an avid bush walker who finds peace and joy in this great Australian landscape. My heart breaks with the declining numbers of our native species. They can’t talk but we can.

Moondyne Joe has given ’em the slip.

Moondyne Joe has given 'em the slip.
This painting was inspired by the first drama about the Western Australian convict Joseph Johns who became known as Moondyne Joe.
After his first two years as a convict working in the colony, Joe was rewarded with a conditional pardon. With his freedom granted Joe headed to the Moondyne Hills near Toodyay. There, Joe became a skilled bushman and lived in a cave. He wore a hand made kangaroo-skin cape with possum-skin shoes. Joe received rewards for finding farmers’ stock that had strayed but Moondyne, the convict bushman, was not trusted by all.

When a valuable stallion mysteriously disappeared, mounted troopers visited Joe and found the stallion. Joe was then escorted by troopers to the Toodyay lock-up. Joe made the decision that night to escape and used his knife and fork to open the cell door and make his way to the local bush inn. Here Joe was telling his tale when the troopers burst through the door so Joe dashed up stairs and slid down the roof onto a horse and galloped away. The troopers gave chase and recaptured Joe within days and he then served three years in Fremantle before returning to the hills he called home. He was involved in more high dramas that made him the celebrity of the colony.

Collaboration Beautiful Brain

Finished Beautiful BrainAbby working on Beautiful Brain

Abby put her magic on the painting yesterday with much gusto and glee.

Abby and I excitedly wish whomever take this painting home on Saturday to be blessed with joy and health.x

Beautiful Brain

Abby Fitzgerald and Lorelee Gobetti collaborationBeautiful Brain13731573_521899167998087_8986809746730950429_n
I have just finished my part in this painting which is a collaboration with Abby Fitzgerald who I have the pleasure of teaching art. Abby is an amazing 7 year old who has had brain cancer and is dealing with the post trauma of this ordeal. Abby will be painting the flowers in the cups in the bottom left corner and has verbally instructed me in shapes and subject matter. This painting is to be actioned to raise money at “The Brain Child Ball” to fund research towards improving the treatment of this cancer that is the number one killer of cancer in children.

Frida & Diego, Art Gallery of NSW

Frida Show Sydney 2016
Just about every art chick’s rite of passage is to discover Frida Kahlo’s blood and guts personal paintings. Then there is Kahlo herself with her unapologetic brilliant explosive style and strength of character in the face of chronic pain from a bus accident in her youth and her tumultuous relationship with her husband Diego Rivera. Kahlo and Rivera were both painters and revolutionaries living beautiful but difficult lives.

Venus and Anchises

Venus and Anchises
Sometimes in my diary I love to scratch around like one of my chickens. x

Breaking Free From The Hooks Of The Past

Breaking free from the hooks of the past
This is the latest painting from my series called “Ponderings of a Paleolithic Princess”.

Cake Mix

Cake Mix
This one is for all the Mums and Dads baking on a Sunday for the weeks lunch boxes.

Memory of a Kangaroo Spirited X Boyfriend

Memory of a Kangaroo Spirited X Boyfriend
This image is from a collection of works called “The Pantry”. They are made from the cardboard packaging that comes into the kitchen. There is also a connection to the subject matter feeding on the random thoughts and memories that drift through the mind, while attending to the everyday activities that nurture those I love.

Aphrodite (Beauty Contest)

AphroditeAphrodite 1
The Greek Goddess of Love.
Who will Paris pick?
Power or Love!!!

Bad Birdie

Bad Birdie

Was listening to the continuing horrible situation in the Philippines and it has made me want to post a picture of this sculpture I made called “Bad Birdie”. I found this Imelda Marcos doll the wife of a corrupt X-President of the Philippines and politician herself, who is best known for her shoes and signature sleeves.

Window Dust

Window Dust

I’m loving juxtaposing these little art elemental paintings with historical art postcards I’ve collected through the years.

Winter Plant Spirit

Winter Plant Spirit

This is a quick response to the colder weather creeping into the studio. The photo even has a few little rain drops on it.

Aussie Boy with Possum

Aussie boy with Possum
Just finished this painting with its possum in camo mode. I have often been interested in what makes a painting or a person Australian.

Hera (The Beauty Contest)

HeraHera (Beauty Contest)Gouldian Finch

Finally I have finished the triptych called “The Beauty Contest”. The colours are inspired by the rare Australian Gouldian finches (Picture Included) and these three paintings all are dominated by the colour pink. The colour pink can be suffocating or seductive I discovered during making these paintings. This painting’s name is “Hera”. Taken from the great Greek Myth about a Beauty Contest involving the Trojan Prince Paris a handsome young ladies man. Zeus commanded Paris due to his experience with woman to settle a quarrel between three powerful Goddesses of different merits. Hera was one of the Goddesses and the Queen of worldly power.

Mothers’ Day

Mothers Day

Whatever surrounds me finds its way into my artwork. I wish the flowers came everyday to fill my home and hair.

Fat Fabric

Fat Fabric

I love making these small abstracts from leftover paint from larger works.

Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth
Ran a Soft Pastels class last night and did this quick drawing. I had forgotten how fantastic this medium was with its bright matt colours. Ohhh I’m inspired to start a 28 day drawing challenge with pastels. Maybe with famous literary figures as the inspiration. Let me know who are your favourites. x

Study 2 – Resurrection

Resurrection Study 2
This is one of two small studies exploring the theme of Resurrection.

Here comes the Monkey

Here comes the Monkey
The goat is gone and here comes the monkey.
Enjoy your monkey brain business and go bananas.x

Eating Light

I’ve spent my whole life looking and looking needs light. x


Hades was the Greek God of the underworld and the name eventually came to also describe the home of the dead as well.
The forks represent death as food for the living to digest. The big key represented us all having entry to death’s world.

Hotel Womb

Home Womb

Its here the last day of another year of dark and light.
Sending out lots of love, hope and peacefulness across the world.
Happy holidays and a wonderful New year full of laughter. xxx

On my towel at the beach

Reading at the beach

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas full of peaceful joys with those you love. xx

Cape Arid National Park

Cape Arid National Park
I did this little 1 hour drawing today in response to the plight of the Western Ground Parrot whose population was down to 140 before the bushfire in its main habitat the Cape Arid National Park near Esperance in Western Australia last month. I hope this fabulous small ground – dwelling bird makes a come back.
Healing and love to everyone affected by the bush-fires. Xxx

Ceres 1 & 2

Ceres 1Ceres 2
Ceres was a goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility, Roman marriages, funeral rites, and motherly relationships. These photos and the paper image in the background were a part of my contemplation of death. I worked in layers on the painting allowing it to crinkle and strain with the weight of the paint and the passionate energy of my marks. I started it after finding out that a childhood friend had very little time to live. I let this work bare the strain of this news and my deep empathy for her leaving her little boy and husband, friends and family.

Naomi and the Swan Study

Naomi and the Swam Study
This is one of the quick thinking drawings for Naomi and the Swan. This was the most steamy of the studies.

Thank you

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.33.44 AM

A big thank you to my amazing friend Michelle for making me a part of her fabulous event which gets better every year.
I felt so supported as an artist and it means a lot to share my work.
So a big thank you also to all that attended. xxx

Listen to the birds singing

Listen to the birds singing
In the last few years I have been planting native plants and trees to bring the birds into the garden and to make places for them to hide in this urban landscape. My Grandmother died 6 years ago and she adored native birds. This inspired me to randomly create abstract compositions in a painting suite called ‘Abstract Ornithology’. It has native birds as my inspiration for colour choices infused with my love for my beautiful Grandmother. This year the theme has spread into my figurative subject matter and I appear to have gone birdy!!

Naomi and the Swan

Naomi and the Swan

Here is another of my ‘Aussie Birds’ that I have a lot of fun painting. The introduced species co-habitating with the native fauna is the underlying concept. I’m using the women in my life as my muses.
Big thanks to my lovely muse Nomes. xx


Creative Rebels: Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki is known for writing what is considered to be the world’s first novel, ‘The tale of Genji’, written in the 11th century. Lady Murasaki is a character in that novel. Murasaki was not her actual name as it was considered impolite to use people’s names at that time and this adds to her mystery. The author was a member of the Japanese high court where she was an attendant of Empress Akiko. Murasaki also left a diary of her time in the Japanese court. Her writings are an amazing insight into her time and the birth of the novel genre. I am always fascinated to travel through time by reading and experiencing life through the arts.

Milly’s Kookaburras

Milly's Kookaburras
This is one of my “Aussie Birds” which are aerosol paint fun. I think that the Vladimir Tretchikoff print I lived with in my twenties and thirties has influenced this series greatly.

The Diamond Fire Tail

The Diamond Fire Tail
Another painting from the Abstract Ornithology suite.

Cloudy Mind

Cloudy Mind.jpg
The pleasure of building up layers of texture.

Rick Directing Study

Rick the Director Study.jpg

Congratulations to the finalists in this year’s Black Swan Portrait Prize. My entry wasn’t chosen this year but I think I have more paint to put on this year’s portrait to get it rocking and then offer it up again somewhere else. Rejection is a big part of any artist’s life and is but a prickle in my foot. This cardboard is a thinking study for this year’s portrait and was half-done in the rehearsal rooms and then in my studio for more playing and pondering.

This is not the painting just a thinking study.

Honey Badger

Honey Badger.jpg

I just drew this Honey Badger hoping to channel their fearless energy into finishing this painting I have been focused on for the last 10 weeks.

Fence Candy

Fence Candy.jpg
Hello people,
I haven’t been posting much this year as I have been mainly working on two large paintings 3×2 & 2×2 meters. They are both on the home stretch – I hope. Fingers crossed!

Amsterdam School of the Arts

One of my favourite hang outs when I was studying art in Amsterdam was the amazing Stedelijk Museum. Where I saw Contemporary Art that changed my world.
I studied Painting, sculpture and drawing. The second image is a display of one terms work that would be critique by lectures and peers in a public forum. Fun times! xx

First studies of Rick in the rehearsal studio at his work.

Rick study 01 - Off the page.jpgRick directing in the reheearsal studio 02.jpg

I’m in the process of painting a big portrait and these are where I started. The Portrait is of Rick Brayford who is the director of The Aboriginal Theatre course at WAPA. I sat in the back of the room painting and drawing as Rick and his students rehearsed.

Foxy Breastfeeder

Foxy breast-feeder.jpg
Just found this object in the studio hidden away – I remember making this and wanting to hide it.
It was made when I was breastfeeding and feeling strongly like the furry mammal that I am.
Comes complete with my cats paw prints.x

Leaving the supermarket behind

Leaving the supermarket behind.jpg
I changed it!!!
Fun on this beautiful day. x

The Moon Garden

Moon Garden.jpg
The Moon Garden is one of a pair of paintings of my children when they were babies at different developmental stages. This is my daughter at two years of age. In both paintings I represent myself as from another world in relation to the generational gap. Here I am the one eyed mother deer that all loving parents can relate too.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp
History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. Abba Eban

The Dream


This is a contemplation of my blood kin coming to this country to start a new life. The energy of each blood line’s dreaming is a fascinating realm for art making.

Tadpole Ponds

In the wheat-belt there are these wonderful rocky out-crops where country families picnic and the kids rock-hop and swim. When it rains these small ponds appear all over these out-crops and new generations of frogs spring to life. This painting was done after a visit to one of these places.

Handless Salad

Handless Salad
Today was a day of drawing and with this in mind have decided to post a drawing from last years drawing cycle.

Splendid Helene Fairy

Splendid Helene Fairy

This pop portrait was inspired by going with friends this summer to the Freo Lane-way music festival and creating little drawings of different musicians. This painting was from a drawing of the fab lead singer Ingrid Helene Havik of Norwegian indie-pop band Highasakite. The way her thick plaits of purple & blue glimmered and framed her face paired with her sparkly loose shorts and lacey siren vocals with both pretty and dark lyrics was a sensory paradise for my little old self.



The innocent joy of looking, not touching, not possessing, just caressing with your eyes.

Jean Arp “Fleur Marteau” 1916 & Paleolithic Princess

Fleur Marteau 1916Paleolithic Princess

Here is a wonderful example of Arp’s work and myself at art school getting intimate with the world of tone and charcoal.

Hans Arp born 1886 was a German-French sculptor, multimedia abstract painter and poet. Arp was a founding member of the Zurich Dada art movement and exhibited in the first Surrealist exhibition group in Paris. Also Arp’s first wife art Sophie Taeuber Arp is in my pantheon of art goddesses.

Shadows chasing Highlights

Shadows chasing Highlights
This Jean Arp inspired painting was made at a time when I was thinking about the drama that tone creates in image making. You don’t get bedazzling highlights without deep dark shadows complementing them.

Mami Aarons

Mami Aarons
This study took 2 hours from start to finish. It was a very hot February day in the studio but as always it was a pleasure to be with my dear friend Mami.


This diary page is a reminder to keep a bigger view in life rather than get caught up in the small little worries that can take up so much energy.

Perth Art & Craft Goddess

Had a lot of fun making this poster a few years ago for the amazing “Made on the Left” crew.

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

I have created birth paintings for each of the next generation of children in the Gobetti mob. This one was for Regan my niece who is now 10.

Your flight has just begun

Your flight has just begun

This is a silkscreen drawing that I made while living in Melbourne and was heavily pregnant. I think is shows that the oxytocin was starting to make its mark in my work with the appearances of an Elton John glasses-wearing winged turtle.

History Jove

History Jove

I love history and this collage is an expression of that.
Jove is another name for Jupiter the big Daddy God of the Romans.
“By Jove chaps” is an older expression of “Jumping Jupiter Batman” you could say.

Pills and frills


I took a headache pill one day and inspiration struck.
I laughed that a headache could bring me joy as I raided the medicine cupboard for pill-canvases.

Head Study of Richard

Head study of Richard
Here is my first painting for 2015. I have decided to do head studies for the next few weeks of people around me to get my painting muscles working. I am looking for people to sit for me for a few hours during the day to be my life models for more head studies. Let me know if you’re interested!

Holidays are over and house-work be damed.

Back in the studio today for the first time this year. Got my ball gown on and have prepared some canvases to go.
I am getting ready to channel the princess of paint. Woo hoo!!

Flower boy gets a phone & Clip clopping my way home.

Flower boy gets a phoneClip clopping my way home.

Hello Lovelies

I’m on holidays playing with the kids, family & friends. Have a Merry Christmas and will be back posting on my art page in the new year.

These drawings are day 1 & day 28 of this year’s drawing cycle. Happy, joy. xx

Electric Ladyland


Enjoying Jimi Hendrix in the studio created this strong simple composition.

Walking Through Cake

Walking Through Cake

Sometimes all I think about is cake. Mmmmmmmmmm…



This pair of vibrant lungs is a reminder to slow down when excited and breathe.

Me in my bear coat & Strange mammal

Me in my bear coatStrange Mammal

I’ve decided to give this drawing suite the title “Memory Bodies”. This is day 10 & 11.

Bush Wedding

Bush Wedding
This is the wonderful wedding ceremony of an Eastern Quoll to a Splendid Wren under the scrub.

Goat Girl & That Hat

Goat GirlThat Hat
Day 18 & 19 of recent drawing cycle.

The Hooded Parrot

The Hooded Parrot
Another pretty birdy from the Abstract Ornithology suite.

Love@First Fright, Weather Tawdry, A Crocus Corm

Love@First FrightWeather TawdeyA Corows Corm
My beautiful friend Naomi introduced me to an art therapy concept of giving yourself the challenge of doing one drawing a day for a pre-set number of days. I choose 28 days and yes it is one female body cycle. I wanted to have a complete journey that had different tones and was a real challenge to complete. I finished yesterday and now want to share some of them with you over the coming weeks. This is day 4, 5 and 6 that were provoked by old memories.

After the Van Gogh show

After the Van Gogh Show
These quick studies where made in a cafe along time ago when I was studying art and living in Amsterdam.

Man Land

Man Land

The story of Joan Of Arc the maid of Lorraine/France in the early 15th Century really gripped me as a young girl. I painted this in my mid 20’s and it is a homage to Joan and woman in our current age who have little voice, except to tread a similar path to Joan.

Play Land

Play Land
Playing with different compositions in preparation for what I’m teaching tonight.

Getting Over the Hump

Getting over the hump
This recycled cardboard is about the larger view that travel can bring to your life.
Happy Birthday Vince. xx

Yilgarn Farmer

Yilgarn Farmer
This week heavy rain and hail has flattened crops in the central wheat-belt highlighting the trials and tribulations of the wheat farmer. I am the daughter and sister of wheat farmers and know the hardships that are endured on the land. I only finished this painting the other day and it only feel right to share this image this week in support and recognition of the families who have lost the opportunity to make good money this year.

Bush Magdalene

Lorelee with Bush Magdalene
This is my painting in the Emerging Artist Show.

As I have travelled through my life loving the arts and being of the feminine gender. I have gravitated towards the women who I could relate to on many levels. In art history Mary Magdalene has been glorified not vilified in exquisite and thought provoking ways. Mary is portrayed in two distinct ways: before her conversion she is richly attired, jewelled and gloved, a figure of profane love. Then as the penitent Mary, she wears a simple cloak or is often naked, covered only by her long hair. She has a skull in some of these penitent paintings. Her story is not about her but about us and how much were willing to accept a person for their mistakes, especially in a women.

The word Vanitas meaning vanity and is a type of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands from 1620-1650. The Vanitas painting makes the viewer think about death and how quickly life goes by. The skulls symbolic powers have permeated the human’s species art practise as we spin through time and in our contemporary world baby boy toddlers wear them on their clothes. Teenagers wear them as they transform from kid to adult and old rockers wear them with pride for their passage through the school of hard knocks.

This twisted twin self portrait in bra’s and jeans was painted at the mid point of life for me at 45 years of age. I looked back over the dead past contemplating my life choices and the other me looking forward at my mortality and my cultures image of old women. I reflected on my own death and the strength of Mary Magdalene as the imperfect saint who was embraced for all that she was and learnt from her mistakes.

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
― Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Grand Tour Ravenna

Grand Tour Ravenna

This postcard was made while visiting the Byzantine Italian town Ravenna the capital of mosaics.

My Local Art show


If you’re in the area from Friday 24 October – Saturday 1 November at the South Perth Community Hall come and see a collection of paintings of Western Australian Artists. This show is getting better every year and is a great slice of the new talent. I’m lucky enough to be in this show for the second time. I will post in the next week the image I have submitted and what my work is about.

Love is a Frenzy, The Sweet Surrender & In the shade of Palms

The Museum of Love boxes started when my mum was giving away her Mills & Boons collection that in my childhood her and all the farmers’ wives in the area read and traded with each other.
So one day I was helping her pack them in boxes and started laughing at the titles and paintings on them and I knew at that moment I had to make an art work using them. Next I started putting them in shadow boxes which reminded me of Museum display cases along with ephemera from pass relationships and taking sections of text from the pages to juxtapose against each other creating an open-ended story. Making these was a great way to be creative during the breastfeeding days. In the end I made 53 of these boxes and you can really see the Dadaist influence in these works.

Dada da

Dada da

I used to teach about the Dada, Metaphysical School and Surrealism movements of the beginning of the 20th Century. These art movements were the art of the irrational and were profoundly influenced by the huge research of the Austrian Psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. He discovered that a great deal of human behaviour is not determined by the rational, conscious and intellectual parts of our minds but by the irrational, the unconscious and the imaginative parts. This diary page was made at the time I was teaching this wonderful art history and is an irrational poem with automatic drawings.

What’s wrong??

1 What's wrong??

A little love for everyone who has and is suffering from poor mental health.xx

Coffee Conversation

Coffee Conversation
The joy of a wonderful conversation.

Running with needles in her purse

Running with needles in her purse

This work is a retro fairy tale window that keeps me wondering whats going on. The beautiful colours of plastic knitting needles drove my interest in creating this box. I cooked the needles like pasta in a big pot and bent them out of shape. The background drawing is gouache and sewing machine stitching.



This design is named after the beautiful muse Dory who commissioned me to create these works. x

Silly Fart Broken Heart

Silly Fart Broken Heart
This image was made when I was in the throes of heartbreak many moons ago.

Dante’s Dilema

Dante’s Divine Comedy – “Help him Virgil, so that he may come to me, I am Beatrice and when I am finally before my Lord, I will praise you to him.”
Beatrice Portinari was Dante’s fiance and true love who was killed by a prisoner in Acre, who killed her out of revenge because Dante had sex with the avenger’s wife, while she waited for Dante’s return home from The Crusades.


This pair of Forest Red-tailed Cockatoos are from a series of paintings called “Abstract Ornithology”. Karrak is the Noongar name for this local bird species. The predominately red painting is the female and the black painting is the male. My love for native birds was fostered by my beautiful grandmother. These formerly common birds are now rare.


This drawing was a daydream.x

Looking for shoes to go home

Looking for shoes to go home.
The amount of time I spend looking for my children’s shoes and socks at the end of a play-date amazes me. I get a lot of joy expressing through art the everyday things I do in my life.

Size: 25 x 25cm framed

Harvest time is coming


This work is a call to “take what you have and be creative with it” before you are harvested. The death character here is friendly and juxtaposes our cultural belief that death should be hidden and feared. There is nothing like death to make you live and be grateful to be alive and have your basic needs met like food, clothing and shelter. Right now many creatures don’t have that privilege. I am so lucky no matter what drama is playing out in my first world situation.

Medium: Oil, charcoal, collaged items on canvas
Size: 100cm x 100cm Framed

Rain Cloud Boot

Rain Cloud Boot
These are the shoes for a day that needs a “kick up the butt”.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

I had a wonderful class of people last night doing blind contour drawings of each other and these drawings were tinted with watercolour paints. The result was some amazing emotionally-charged images throughout the class. It was a night that affirmed how every human has the power of creative expression and that it is innate in all of us. So here is one of my images about the internal human mind’s workings that has a loud contour drawing jumping out to greet you.

Stimulating Conversation

Stimulating Conversation
Happy Father’s Day everyone. x

What’s for dinner?

What's for dinner
This thought is a big annoying cloud that hangs over most of my days as the food provider of the family. Making this cardboard I contemplated my responsibility as sustenance sustainer and a great amount of gratitude descended upon me as I realised that I don’t have to kill, pluck and gut it like my ancestors and that this would have taken up just about all of my day. Before the creative cooking phase occurs and that there would be no time for making, thinking and even the pleasure of being annoyed at things that are really blessings. Wow, I’m exited!! What’s for dinner? xx

Paris, Musee D’Orsay

Musee D'Orsay The Bellelli Family
It’s always on my list of places to visit when I go to Paris. It’s situated in the centre of Paris on the banks of the Seine, opposite the Tuileries Gardens, the museum was installed in the former Orsay railway station, built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900. It houses the most amazing collection of French paintings from 1848 to 1914. Here I am standing next to a painting by Degas of The Bellelli Family. It is worth spending sometime contemplating the composition of this family in their home interior.

Refurbish Regard

Refurbish Regard
Anselm Kiefer the German painter and sculptor who I admire said ” Artists reorganise fragments of history. I have the past in front of me and I go back to the future.” I have always been fascinated by history and often have pondered whether the more you see of the past the more you go into the future.


Brigantia was the chief goddess widely revered in the Celtic world prior to the Roman invasion and was associated with water, childbirth, war, healing, and also prosperity.
I had been reading W.B.Yeats the Irish poet when I made this work and contemplating my Celtic roots and my matriarchal blood line.

A Strange Dream

This work was created immediately after a strange intense dream I had as a Bedouin woman that really affected me and was made in 2000. I was reading about the Byzantine and the crusade periods at the time and was thinking of a trip to Persia and Afghanistan. Future events stopped those destinations from happening but I still travelled in safer parts of the Middle East. I hope one day to visit these countries with their amazing history and culture after this dark period.

Come Together

Magically these two dolls just appeared at an Op shop on the same day. It seemed like the universal force wanted to use any means possible to get people to listen to the message. If only we could give up the story and live in peace.


Vienna CoverVienna 14
I have started scanning travel diaries from different adventures. This one was a spontaneous raw expression of moments hanging out in Vienna with a bunch of different kinds of artists.

Marvel Loch

Marvel Loch
This is a part of a series called Ponderings of a Paleolithic Princess that I continue to create about my home town Marvel Loch. It is a small town not on any highway. It sits on the edge of the wheatbelt and designates the beginning of gold mining territory. It’s a harsh and haunted place that has beautiful wild expansive energy that rings with the cry “nothing lasts and all things shall vanish.” This painting talks about that blend of farming and mining.


Barrette: A small bar with a clasp used for keeping a woman’s hair in place.

Walking to the shop

Walking to the shop
Such a beautiful day for a walk around. Enjoy. xx

Walk the dog + Walking with the dog

Walk the dogWalking with the dog
These cardboards are next to the front door to remind me of the pleasure and importance of walking with your furry friend everyday.



This little study was made when I was in the glow of becoming a mother for the first time and now that child is 8 and sitting in the front seat of the car next to me for the first time and it is a radical change for Mum. Now I realise it shall be a flash and he will be driving me around. Wow weeeeeeee.

I am


Big congratulations to this year’s amazing finalists in the Black Swan Show. I decided not to put an entry in this year as I have been focused on developing ideas for a body of work.

Looking for my Farthingale

Looking for my Fathingale

This cardboard is about looking for something to wear to go to work or some other activity that requires thought and general grooming. A farthingale is a hoop skirt worn by previous generations and by me when the desire grabs me as it does. xx

Driving in the rain

Driving in the rain

I finished this painting a few weeks ago as the rain danced on the studio roof. This work is totally influenced by school pick-ups which are always on my mind these days.

Eating Fairy Bread

Eating Fairy Bread

This spray paint abstract was done while I was in the process of organising my 5 & 7 year olds combined birthday party at home.
It captures the energy of the parents holding the party and the enthusiastic attendees.

Don’t Press Sean’s Button

Don't press his button

A bit of over-the-top fun with one of Sean’s song lyrics “For you I would commit 1000 crimes if you’d stay for the day.”

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen
Mr Cohen was a hypnotist, poet and novelist long before he set words to music. He didn’t start performing or recording until his mid 30’s and he was not considered a real guitarist. Leonard is considered a ladies man and his song delivery seem expressionless or bemused as he sings about his romantic life adventures. This detached observation of the circus we all call life is perhaps what drew Leonard to become a devotee to Zen Buddhism. He has spent time as a practising monk whilst wearing suits and having coffee and ciggy breaks of course! Some have said he is a commitment–phobic vagabond who dumps women to go off and hangout in war zones such as Cuba and Israel. It just all adds to the colour of this amazing creative rebel. I discovered Leonard as a melancholy child of 8 lying on the floor in my parents’ lounge playing a Leonard Cohen Greatest Hits record that they had in their collection over and over. Then when I was a teenager Mum brought home the album Various Positions and there I was again entranced or should I say hypnotised. This image is from the Various Positions album. It is made from cardboard boxes and records.

Political Animals

Political Animals
The human mind is an enthusiastic inventor and its endless dance moves are fascinating to contemplate.

Blood on the Tracks

This intimate painting is about how vulnerable and fragile we are when we care for each other.
The title of the painting is taking from a Bob Dylan album that captured this passage of time.

The Lady Penrhyn staring Patrick Porn and Rita Romance


This painting is about coming to the realisation that there are two polar opposite expectations that can be placed on making love and relationship. Resulting in the search for the middle ground through exploring these two ends. The Lady Penrhyn which is printed on the suit case that is positioned over Rita’s head and torso was the first ship to bring European women to Australia and is a reference to the drawing together of different cultures in creating our Australian conditioning. The abstract coloured circles and the tiger snake Ouroboros symbolises timeless cyclicality, the sense of something constantly recreating itself. The half goat symbol is the biological current that represents our animal behaviour mechanisms. The bird is a call to gain a higher view.

Silence of the Heart

Silence of the Heart

The Mandorla Art Award opened last night and the winning work is a beautiful hand carved laminated wood carving by Paul Kaptein who totally deserved to win. Paul and I were in the same year at Claremont Art School and it was like family winning. So all you art lovers out there get along to check it out the show at Linton & Kay Gallery in the city. Here is my take on Elijah meets God which was a finalist for the award. Big thanks to Richard for dancing around in sheets looking orgasmic as my model for Elijah. The exhibition is on until 27 July.

Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard is part of my Creative Rebels series I’m making out of all the cardboard boxes that come into the house.

Hildegard of Bingen lived in the 1100s was called Sibyl of the Rhine, was a German writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary, and polymath. Hildegard was a feminist for her time but knew she had to be non threatening to her male superiors. Hildegard always stated she was a weak, poor, uneducated woman directed by God. She founded the first female-only monastery that was not attached to a male order. One of her works as a composer, the Ordo Virtutum, is an early example of liturgical drama and arguably the oldest surviving morality play.
She wrote theological, botanical and medicinal texts, as well as letters, liturgical songs, and poems, while supervising miniature illuminations in the Rupertsberg manuscript of her first work, Scivias.
The image I have used is an illumination of Hildegard dictating to Volmar, her secretary and scribe, as she receives a vision in her cell.
Really amazing chick and worth reading about.

Draped Repose

Draped Repose

It was fun to play with the geometric shapes over the figures. I was exploring the idea of creating sacred geometry in an intimate relationship. The couple were taken from erotic etchings that were printed in the 1600s. This one portrays Jupiter and Juno and these two are the king and queen of the Gods. A friend pointed out the word LOVE in the geometric shapes that I hadn’t consciously created – it was just shapes and colours. Now, it’s all I can see.

Theodore Katsipis

Theodore Katsipis
This portrait Of Theodore Katsipis was strongly influenced by the Fayam mummy portraits that were created when the Romans ruled Egypt.

Southern Cross Venus


This work was created after another trip immersed in the historical art galleries of Europe and drinking in all that human flesh in its many extremes of pleasure and pain. I came home and just wanted to draw and paint like some of my old bugger heroes. This work contemplates young beauty and the consequences of worshipping at its altar.

Jinni and Delias


These are the first ideas for a fashion illustration commission, I have to design some beautiful shoes.
They are fun to invent.  xx Happy Birthday Dory

Relation Shit without a Ship 1 & 2

Relationshit 2Relationshit 1
These works were done in 1999 when I was exploring the darker side of relationships. They have never been exhibited or shared and are large works that don’t fit neatly in my drawing cabinet and are in danger of being damaged.
This is their opportunity to be seen and shared.

Perth Meekatharra Broome


These three paintings are also about flying around Western Australia in the Grumman Tiger IGI. They would just kick around the studio getting a layer when I had the desire.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming
It was interesting to contemplate the romantic concept of Prince Charming and his negative and positive effects on both sexes.

Winter Solstice

The middle of winter is here.

Mandorla Art Award 2014 Finalist

I am very happy to announce that I am a finalist in the 2014 Mandorla Art Award.
The Mandorla Art Award employs a thematic spiritual inspiration that changes with each exhibition. These inspirations are defined by quotations from the Bible and all participating artists are requested to interpret these in their own way. The theme for 2014 is ‘Elijah meets God’, taken from 1Kings 19:11b-13.

Lady Juliana

This painting is about facing and allowing duality. We all suffer from the human condition which divides thoughts, feelings and memories into good and bad. This painting is a call to embrace all that you are and to get clean and clear of your story. Turn on your light and dance like a numbat!

Flying Dowager

Flying Dowager
Just a bit of fun that flew out. Lou this was the rejected first idea I had for the work you now have.

Carnarvon Bananas

Carnarvon Bananas

This painting is an expression of the time I spent living in Carnarvon. I hung the canvas on the wall and would come home and put something on the canvas and walk away. Coming back days or years later to add something else until the painting said it was finished. These paintings become a mysterious story that constantly changed as the layers appeared. For example the text was from a scratchy I brought one afternoon in Carnarvon and the words became an amazing poem that just had to go on the painting.

Schopenhauer’s Poodle

Influenced by being single and reading about the German 19th century pessimistic philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. He has often attracted artists and people wondering about life’s meaning?
Schopenhauer introduced the West to Eastern philosophical ideas and examined the nature of love affairs. He never married and for 27 years lived alone except for a succession of pet poodles. This had me at the time wondering what my concept of love looked like and if I should trade it in for a poodle.

Milky Brain

Milky Brain

Inspired by, hideous light fitting, Indian taxi and breastfeeding.

Missing Brunswick

Painted about our home in Melbourne after we returned to Perth.

The boat’s too small

This painting is about how shocking it is when some unexpected tragedy happens. The desert of that event renders you skinless, genderless and you don’t have the right tools it seems


This diary page was an idea about using microscopes and slides of random everyday things to generate abstract designs.

Getting over the camels hump

Getting over the hump
This cardboard is about the change in perspective that travel can bring.


My partner is a tech head and everywhere in our house are computers in various stages of undressing, along with their accessories. The visual impact of being around these objects penetrates and affects me as a visual artist.motherboard

Love across the channel

This art work was made in support of gay marriage.
Love can not be wrong.

Death Kitty

Death Kitty
Kitty is sick of eating death and grief everyday. Kitty craves something else on the menu.
Perhaps a lentil burger with sunny days on the side.

Hot Bird Brain Disease

Hot Bird Brain
This drawing was inspired by my friend Sean’s song lyrics of unrequited love.

The Art Opening

The Art Opening

This postcard was made in Vienna. It really captures the fun to be had at an art opening.

Son Garden

Happy Mothers’ Day.  This painting is about the wonder that a mother has watching her child play and grow.

Son Garden


Down with the Flu

Down with the FluThere has been a bit of the flu in the house this week and I am hoping it is all that appears this year. So keep warm and stay well.

Listen, Wait, Think


Have you ever had the experience of saying something without editing and hearing it along with the people around you. This painting was painted after one of those events. I came home and created this painting. It hangs in my kitchen to remind me that listening is more important than talking.

Street Life

Street Life
I have always enjoyed making postcards when I am overseas and out of my normal routines.  I create these works to submerge myself in foreign countries to feel like becoming a part of their community and daily lives.  This postcard depicts a London street scene.

Paint Girl

Paint GirlA summer Friday afternoon when the working week has finished. Then the time appears to play with colour and mark making.  Pure pleasure.

The Singing Lesson

I have always loved famous people’s journals/diaries and all my work is one big diary.  This page is first of a body of work I am going to share called Stimulus Response.  My method is finding a objects or images, then spontaneously responding to them through the art work, creating layers of possible meanings.  With these artworks, I like the viewer to make up their own story.

The Singing Lesson

Rotterdam Art Museum

This is an old picture I just found yesterday and had to share especially for the the fab Claus Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen sculpture Screwwarch in the background that was made in 1983. These guys are the masters of big things and worth checking out.


My Mother’s Apron Hangs Here

This work is made from the cardboard boxes we discard in our daily food rituals and held together with staples. It is about the acknowledgement of your mother’s hard work done out of love for her family. The respect that you have when you become a mother. The questions you will ask yourself about what you will do differently and what you will do the same. The colours are greying as each generation sits in a different space with different requirements but the juggle stays the same. The mother and nourishment are intertwined and staples are the food basics of every mother’s pantry.

Kind of Blue

Inspired by the amazing Miles Davis Album.

This modern Jazz record has been played through out my life since discovering his music at 22. I always feel like I’m in a hotel lobby just about to go somewhere or having just returned full of easy joy.

Lara this post is for you beautiful lady. x

Crying for Love

It reminds me that it is ok to be sad and cry.
Acknowledging that there is great healing in your feelings.

Simone de Beauvoir

Born in Paris in 1908 she produced a rich body of writings including works on ethics, feminism, fiction, autobiography, and politics. Her feminist writings were written at a time when very little serious work had been done from a feminist perspective.

For me personally, she was the first woman that I read who examined being a woman in a man’s world.

My portrait of Beauvior is taken from a photo later in her life and distorted to express her academic potency. The found objects in the forefront are typewriter ribbons as a symbol of her choice of tool.

The Loose Threads

This work explores the haunting that happens once something precious has died. The loose threads are the things that can’t be tied back up. The things you regret. They hang in your private world causing torment whenever your mind drags you across them.

The Silver Box

This work explores the devastation that glorifying the past can bring into the here and now.


Was a bastard born into the French middle classes. Voltaire became a super celebrity in the 1700’s. He was an amazing prolific writer of stories, plays, treaties and tracts. Voltaire was also self-reliant due to his shrewd business acumen and became a very wealthy man. He was jailed twice and eventually banished by the King. He took on the church and state and was considered by some as the first human rights activist. He wrote some twenty thousand letters to his friends. He lived to eighty-four years and had been a sickly child. He craved acceptance while loudly disdaining it.
My Voltaire has also got young Robert Plant’s hair from the amazing 70’s super group Led Zeppelin.

Grief Case

This is the first of a series of 4 that I have created called “Grief Cases”.
Grief is a dark place that touches all of our lives and I have had a need to express my feelings about it due to it affecting my life.
In my art practice I operate at times from the idea that if you don’t use intense energy it uses you.”

Finalist in Black Swan Prize 2013

I am truly honoured and already feel like a winner to be selected to be a finalist the 2013 Black Swan Prize for Portraiture alongside so many fantastic painters.
The Renovator – Portrait of Jason Harrison.This work explores the fleeting nature of fame in the context of contemporary society. Underneath the swirling whirlwind facade lies a determined individual striving to emerge from the chaos and stamp his mark on the world. Will his life cut through the ribbons of orchestrated and sensationalised cut scenes that have brought him fame?

Dimensions 198x137cm. Oil on canvas.

The subject is Jason Harrison, a former contestant of the Network Ten reality television programme “The Renovators”. Jason’s physical presence (6’9″ tall or 2.06m) and practical skills strongly influenced the formal qualities of this work.